Monday, January 11, 2010

So you got a Cricut for Christmas, now what?

A couple of years ago (January 2008 to be precise) I bought myself a Cricut after seeing it for months on the shelf at my local craft store. I was teaching Wilton Cake classes there and I had to walk past the Cricut aisle every weekend...then there was the demo...

A fabulous scrapbooker and Cricut Queen came and showed how this machine could do all sorts of wondrous things. Of course I was teaching cake class DURING the demo so I only got to browse her portfolio...I had to have it so I bought one.

Then I did not touch it again until March. After I used it for DD's Girl Scout project it went back in the box.

Then in July AC Moore launched its online forum and people were talking about their Cricuts and posting pictures of their creations. One of my new online friends told me that she would send the Cricut abuse police to my house if I didn't take it out of the box and give it a proper home...I did but still it sat.

I took a Cricut basics class at my LSS, and still it sat.

The Infomercial started to run on TV and my mom wanted some stuff cut, then my church and then my forum friends so I cut things here and there, but mostly it sat.

Last fall my Pastor's wife asked me to do "something crafty" and use that machine. So I was challenged to find projects that used the Cricut that I could share with a small group of ladies at church. I had NO CLUE what to do, so I called a friend, another Cricut Queen and she came with ideas and helped me cut and cut and cut and plan and cut...

I am determined NOT to neglect my Bug any longer, so this year one of my resolutions is to do a project a week with my Bug.

If you would like to join me please let me know. Post a comment and include which carts you own, what kind of projects you like (cards, scrap layouts, or other things) and let me know I am not the only one who NEEDS a Cricut for Dummies class.